Friday, May 20, 2016

My Seven Travel Tattoo Goals

Getting a tattoo is a tough decision. It's for life.  Each tattoo design represents who you are, your aspirations in life and represents your past that has a big impact of who you have become.

I never thought of getting a tattoo in my younger years. Maybe because I wasn’t impressed by the idea of having one or stain my skin with inks in a form of art. I have nothing against people with tattoos all over their bodies. My brothers have their own tattoos and I love it, each design is a work of  art.

By the time I got pregnant, it suddenly occurred to me that I must get a tattoo : to honor my son, Ocean.  I wanted to see a representation of him every day, carry a representation of him everywhere I go and maybe perhaps, remember him each time I see my wrist with his name by the time I have dementia in my future years. Since I am into  traveling, if there's one design I'd like to have, these are my top picks (all photos were taken from Google images.) 

Top Pick 1: Ocean, my life

My son Ocean will be coming out soon. As much as I want his name to be unique, I picked a name which best describes me. Ocean waves kissing the shore happens to be my favorite scene when I am at a beach. I love the beach. I felt I belong to the "water world" in my previous life, maybe perhaps a starfish or a mermaid. Worshiping the sun while lying on my back or feel the clear cool water is my idea of freedom and contentment. Its sound waves is like music to my ears. It represents me -- always moving on, consistent in pushing myself to every struggles along the way -- like the waves never stop kissing the shores even if  it always sends the water away.  This is so me. 

Top Pick 2: I am a plane spotter by heart

I am a plane spotter by heart. I am that kind of person who is fascinated with aviation or anything that flies. Most people hate airports but I love them, it feels like home.  Airplanes makes me happy. You can see my article about "The Art of Planespotting" and "My encounter with An-225,the biggest aircraft in the world." Airplane represents my passion to travel and my freedom. This airplane representation shall be visible on my left wrist. This is me --- and no one can change me. 

Top Pick 3: Stamp it On! 

Adventure? Bring it on! I mean, Stamp  it on! My goal is to fill my passport with inks from immigration officials from around the world. I want to personally see the beauty of my country as well as the parts of the world. I want to experience how cold Alaska is. I want to experience how hot Sahara desert is. I want to experience how amazing Japan is during Spring and confirm how romantic is Paris. 

Top Pick 4: Picture-perfect 

Travelers want to preserve memories. Taking photos and documenting the experience is like sealing the fulfillment in photos.  When I grow old, I see myself looking at my own photos and reminiscing memories while I tell stories to my grandchildren.  I would  tell them my struggles during a trek on a mountain, how incredible the feeling was, swimming with hale sharks or how I survived a lot of turbulent flights all for the sake of traveling. 

Top Pick 5: What's the word? 

Wanderlust of course.  The person wearing this has this strong urge  to travel around the world  and experience different cultures.  This person doesn’t want to stay in the same place, doing routine tasks and  finds happiness outdoors. Her face lit up when the word "travel" is mentioned.  Annual long holidays are already booked. This word on her wrist reminds her of who she is, a traveler.

Top Pick 6: Climb every mountain

My hunger for adventure is  never-ending.   I want to climb  mountains and experience the view at the top. Feeling the struggles along the way and triumph with the wonderful view nature has to offer.  I want to trek and risking it all just to see a hidden waterfall. The nature's natural soothing music calms my nerves. The angry splashing of a waterfall makes me still. My eyes would take comfort over the green fields. Standing tall along the trees makes me feel "I belong" and I truly feel that  it's best that I am surrounded by tress rather than people.
Top Pick 7: Map it up! 

"Not all those who wander are lost", J.R.R Tolkien once said. Traveling, for me, gives a different sense of freedom. It's like fulfilling your urge to get out of the usual routine. Like letting go of the stress of being confined in an office and lie on my back andfeeling the beach's fine sand.  I've always wanted a tattooed map on my back but since it involves a "larger area" of the skin to be inked, this would be my last option. 

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