Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Talicud, Island Garden City of Samal

Mark has been urging me to go to Talicud Island. So when his birthday came, he decided to bring the whole family, picked me up in Cebu  to experience this interesting island. 

It is true that you got to have a lot of patience getting here.  The trip was a bit exhausting but once you get to Kaputian Port, you can now glance at what lies ahead of you. 
White sand beach front at Kaputian Port

When we arrived at Sta. Cruz Port in Talicud, the port water was  clear, unlike the usual ports I've been to. School of fish can be seen at a distance, water color ranges from green to deep blue.  A small motorized boat took us to a private resort. Having been born in Bohol Island, the usual view is always normal for me, but when I got to Talicud, it was another awesome experience. 

Private resorts lined up on Talicud Island
With this view, my heart skipped a beat

By the time we got off the boat, the kids went swimming immediately as expected. It was a hot day, perfect for hitting the beach; the kids doesn't care if they get sunburn as long they came in running and enjoying  themselves under the sun, playing with the sand while the older ones preparing lunch. It was a typical family day, I was happy being with Mark's family. 
The sun sets beautifully here too 
By 7:00PM, the tide went up just about the area we were staying,  some of us opted to swim with the little help of the old Petromax lantern. It was fun, Mark and I were able to do stargazing together, talking about us and the future we want to make. It's been a while since my last stargazing and that moment in Talicud Island is forever in my memory. 
Awesome sunrise at Talicud Island 
We got up early to catch the sunrise. Mark and his cousins decided to go board diving just before the beach hits low tide. The water was beautiful, with the hints of blue and green, you can tell that it was deep.

Such a beautiful diving site 
Local fishermen came in to sell fresh fishes on the resort. It was best for kinilaw and sugba. People are so friendly, signifying the simple life they have on the island. 

Freshly-catched fishes were sold by fishermen roaming around the island
Private resorts can be seen on the beach front 
Since we missed the last trip at the port, our last option was to get to Kaputian and take a bus to Penaplata then to Babak. It was  a tiring ride, commuting on a bus after another with a few stops along the way. There I saw that Samal was also rich in agriculture. People seemed to be living simple.

Other option to get to and from Talicud is thru Kaputian Port 

How to get there: 
  • Journey starts at Sta.Ana Wharf
  • Get on a ferry to Talicud Island, fare costs P60 pesos (2014) which leaves on a specific schedule 
  • Travel period lasts about an hour
  • Ferry docks at Kaputian Port, then to Sta.Cruz Wharf 
  • Trips are scheduled so you better keep track of your time to catch the last ferry at 3PM 
  • Alternate route if you miss the last trip would be getting a boat to Kaputian Port, take a bus to Peñaplata then another bus to Babak Ferry Terminal (bus gets into a barge) to Sasa Ferry Terminal in Davao City

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