Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paradise called Panglao Island

It's pretty obvious that I love beaches; feeling the myriad grains of fine sand against your feet; those salty, cool water drenching your sun-burned skin; those salty beach wind that kisses your cheeks every time you try to marvel at God's good works --- simply paradise. 

Panglao Island is blessed with beautiful and friendly people,amazing  beaches, natural fine,white sands and an extremely beautiful underwater biodiversity. There are many beautiful resorts around the island but at this moment, I will be sharing Alona Kew Resort and Dumaluan Beach Resort since these two are the usual beaches  local and foreign tourists want to flock in. I have been here so many times that I wouldn't want to trade it to other beaches I've been to.

My good friend,Keehj, a traveler, and I share a common passion about beaches. He has been traveling around the country and he would tell me the best beaches around. You can check his site at Boatonshore. Since he featured sunsets at various areas, I will be sharing Panglao Island.

Alona Kew White Beach Resort :sand, sun, skin,sky
Strolling down the white sands of Alona Kew is one of the best activity to be enjoyed, yeah, strolling back and forth has never been this good.
Evenings at Alona Kew are as lively as Boracay nights, some resorts has live bands, fire-dancers and even young girls in Hula costumes.
Dinner by the beach is kinda romantic, yes, but this is one of the best experience to various fresh  seafood cuisines and of course,with the waves crushing on the shore : happiness!
Fire dancing is also common here. No wonder foreign tourists loves to flock at Alona Kew by night.Restos were lined up by the beachfront so you can actually hop from one place to another.
Sorry for the spoiler, but Mark loves the beach as much as I do.
Enjoying the sunrise at Dumaluan Beach Resort, a few meters away from Alona Kew. Dumaluan Beach Resort is ideal for tourists who like to enjoy the beach without noisy people or bands around.
I fell in-love with Dumaluan Beach Resorts waiting lounge, everything seemed so relaxed; free WIFI has also been a good plus at Private Dumaluan. They also have Fish Spa (you know that small little fishes that would eat your uh feet ^^).
Various water sports can be done at Dumaluan and Alona;name it (water ski,banana boat,fly-fishing,coral cruise,scuba diving,dophin-watching,island-hopping, etc) they have it.
On your way to Panglao Island, make sure to drop by at Bohol Bee Farm situated at Dauis Bohol. You can experience total relaxation here, with various farm activities,trying their unique cuisines (flowers are literally eaten here), honey bees, and yes, you can try weaving.
Indoor pool at Bohol Bee Farm with dim lights and all, one can enjoy the stillness of nature away from the chaotic city.
Sun deck at Bohol Bee Farm where you can enjoy the beach, sunrise and sunset ; having a break here has never been this wonderful.

How to get there and some tips : so simple ^^

  •  Make sure to make some research first about Panglao Island, you could book online or make calls. Ask questions. Or consider options like availing Tour Packages from any Travel Agencies.
  • Some resorts offers airport/pier transfers but for any backpackers, taking a taxi is the safest one. Though some tricyle drivers would offer "pakyaw"  but it would be much expensive. 
  •  Plan your activities ahead. Panglao Island  can be fully enjoyed by exploring the island for about 2 days. Try to visit the local churches (Panglao and Dauis Churches), Hinagdanan Cave at Dauis, try resort-hopping aside from the usual water sports activities. 
 Thanks for reading! ^^


  1. Hello Sky...I'm Keehj's friend...Can you recommend a budget-friendly resort in Panglao?thanks!

  2. Hi Ycor! You can try Bohol Divers if you want to be in the Alona Kew. You can avail the cheapest room for two at about P600 (non-aircon). But if prefer the non-noisy environment (few people, no bands, etc) I recommended Dumaluan Beach Resort on the other side where you have have a nice room for two at P1300.