Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drinking Changed My Life

"if drinking makes you angry, when I drink, I want you more and more and more...", a Dishwalla song blared loudly at my eardrum. I grabbed my headset controller to lower its volume.  I smiled for a moment and went on with my work. I can't help but think about it... 

My dad usually drinks and it's somewhat disturbing that I tend to do what he usually does. When I drink, I felt relaxed and my messy head seem to enjoy the comfort it brings. Don't get me wrong; I'm not a hardcore drinker like the one you have in mind; someone who's wasted and hanging around with heavy drinkers acting like life would end after the last drop of alcohol in their glass -- ahh, pretty nostalgic but NO, I'm not like that.  

In college, drinking was like a normal thing to do with the generation I was in ; drinking in between classes, going out after school, after group studies or working on our design projects (tough to be an engineering student, you know). Drinking seem to be a good company. I have come to realize that life back then was simple. So simple. Simple yet trying to survive.  When I graduated, I felt the pressure rising at the back of my neck. A different kind of pressure. A pressure to take care of yourself, develop the sense of independence since you can no longer depend on parents. I admit, I was a bit afraid, the future I was realizing when I was ten years old finally came and I remember the mixed twisted feelings dwelling and trying to eat me alive. I was like, I am not running away from something I don't want but rather running away from something I am afraid to want. What if I can't make it? Or what if, if I have what I truly want in life, can i keep up with it? I left out a chuckle, I was young then, and I remember it freaked me out.

But I survived. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paradise called Panglao Island

It's pretty obvious that I love beaches; feeling the myriad grains of fine sand against your feet; those salty, cool water drenching your sun-burned skin; those salty beach wind that kisses your cheeks every time you try to marvel at God's good works --- simply paradise. 

Panglao Island is blessed with beautiful and friendly people,amazing  beaches, natural fine,white sands and an extremely beautiful underwater biodiversity. There are many beautiful resorts around the island but at this moment, I will be sharing Alona Kew Resort and Dumaluan Beach Resort since these two are the usual beaches  local and foreign tourists want to flock in. I have been here so many times that I wouldn't want to trade it to other beaches I've been to.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

and oh, of course, there's chocolate!

Oh I love chocolates! Those dark little cubes my mouth loves to relish. Those big bars that I cannot resist on having.Those coffee toppings I love sipping on. Those little crunchy cookies I love munching on in-between analysis and planning; those times when it seemed the world is against you; when experiencing the down side of life; those weaker moments, those days when the most pressing thing you have to do is nothing; those happy moments with family,loved-ones, friends and thyself --- chocolates seems to be one of my wonderful companion (oh well, next from coffee and ice cream).

Chocolates are mainly made from a seed  of tropical Theobromo cacao tree (so, I've heard). They are mainly fermented, dried, cleaned, roasted, then ground, then liquefied and experts knows what else are needed to be done;  I could care less how it was made, I am more interested on tasting them. Chocolates commonly comes in dark, milk and white varieties. Some are being used as cake toppings or on coffee. Usually branded as mood-enhancer or food for the goddess, I think chocolates have been one of my sources of simple happiness, and I am sure many girls would agree with me.

See how creative Japanese people are? Design :cookie-chocolate-cookie.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Many Faces of Kinilaw!

I have always been a lover of Kinilaw or Kilawin, (Philippine  delicacy in which the main ingredient is raw fish or meat marinated in vinegar, pepper, chili (preferably siling labuyo), chopped onions, calamansi,cucumber,turnip and other garnishes).

And since I am living in an island, filled with the gifts from the sea and a traveler, I will be sharing some photos I took during my food trip with Fish Kinilaw in it (this is obviously one of the first dish I'd pick when ordering). I prefer raw Tangigue fish (Spanish mackerel) than Pork Kinilaw. I dunno, maybe it has this sweet and cottony-feel-like texture when taken and of course, since this is taken fresh, you'd appreciate the sweetness of the fish even better.Preparation is also simple that even a small ten-year-old child can prepare this --- all you have to do is chop,chop,chop and combine all ingredients!

Penong's at Davao City : with chopped  green mango,turnip,cucumber,calamansi and  no tomatoes (photo taken by my good friend, Myla)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Being a daredevil for a while...

Everybody has this urge of wanting to experience extreme and not-so-normal adventure ^^.  That feeling of wanting to cheat life and being able to feel the strong wind against your face. Something that you could say "what if this thing broke?, what if I'd fall?, will I get lucky?". 

I am one of those who pretended to be a daredevil (well, at least I tried the minor safe ones). I've tried Skywalking and being in an Edge-Coaster on top of the tallest hotel in the city. And it was like --- I want more! ^^

Next was trying the Doce-Pares Mountain Training Park at Busay-Malubog Cebu. It has been a long-time dream of trying this adventure of being suspended on air with pulleys and cables for as high as several feet below the ground. The best part here was when you were all set, helmet and harness on, and then the guide would push you hard -- the thrilling ride starts. There has been a rise of your inner spirit at first and a few screams in between but once your cable advances and with the view below, you could say "wow! amazing!

Yeah I know, I know, that's me enjoying the view!