Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sunday 2PM Cafe : Cafe with a Twist

I am a coffee-addict.  
I love coffee. I cannot last a day without coffee. 
Trying everything with coffee and it seems to be my way of life. 
My craving includes frequent visits from different coffee shops in the city or wherever I go. 

When I heard about a new Korean-owned cafe called Sunday 2PM located on the ground floor of Sarrosa Hotel in Cebu, I scheduled a Sunday trip to see what this cafe can offer. After our Kadasig Festival Photowalk, my coffee-buddy and I decided to chill for a while trying to regain our drained energy for that day. 

The floor space was  smaller than what I saw in pictures and compared to some usual coffee shops I've been to. There were shelves of books, manga, magazines and other reading materials to read on. A lot of little Polaroid pictures lined up on the walls, some  hanged like little clothes on a clothes-line,  hundreds of post-its everywhere, cute little wooden tables and chairs, cozy Korean music and I find it relaxing; I like it. 

Colorful, isn't it?

Some people find it a bit messy, I find it  cute

And this? A big thumbs-up!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cafe Noriter : A Playground

Saturday afternoon. I stumble upon this cafe called Cafe Noriter, a korean-owned cafe located at One Acacia Unit 10 and 11, Archbishop Reyes Ave Cebu City,  just a walking distance from Ayala Center Cebu. Since the name appeared foreign to me, of course searching it on the internet is tempting ---- and it means "playground" in Hangul. When my coffee buddy, Jocelyn and I came in, the name itself explained it well for me. 

There were post-its on the walls and even on the ceilings, plush toys everywhere, shoes on the floor and pictures everywhere. A playground, it is. I remember another Korean cafe called Sunday 2PM Cafe at Sarrosa Hotel, the ambiance was like this, only this is a bit bigger and not so quiet. I was thinking, since these are all Korean-owned, how come I wasn't able to get into this kind of setting when I was in South Korea? 

With freebies and discounts 

We got ourselves a mug of hot  and cold latte. It was as good as the price itself, worth it. On the counter, they were giving away some cards; like when you gather about 10 stamps from ordering drinks, you got yourself some discounts on your next drink or the staff could take a photo of you, print and hang it somewhere within the premises. Quite inviting isn't it?