Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beautiful Bohol Paradise

I am one damn proud to be a Boholano. Some people often judged Boholano people as "bisayang promdi" seemed to be living in secluded place, far from the modern world. Nowadays, Bohol has been getting a lot of attention with its usual beautiful beaches and improved tourists spots. Travel agencies have been including Bohol for their package tours which make the province seemed full during weekends. 

No one can best describe this paradise than someone living in one. I was  actually smiling writing this article. If ever I'd be born again and asked where I'd prefer to stay; I'd still say, Beautiful Bohol. Guides would sometimes prefer the tour would start from the center of the island; depending on where you're going to "land" in Bohol. Various sea ports can be found at Jagna, Talibon (from Pier 3 of Cebu) and Tagbilaran City (Pier 1 of Cebu) and an airport at Tagbilaran City and an "incoming new airport" at Panglao Island. These ports can be reached by fastscrafts (approx. 1.5hrs from Cebu)
like Supercat, Oceanjet and regular ships and ferries.

Vacation plans? Highly-recommended : Bohol, Philippines

Bohol Map : Bohol Tourist spots can be toured for almost a day! (credit : Google images)

First stop: Chocolate Hills, Carmen and Sagbayan Peak, Sagbayan
Famous nocturnal primate, Tarsier (Carlito syrichta) found in areas like Corella, Loboc and Carmen still awes local and foreign tourists.

The ever famous Chocolate Hills in Carmen. About more than a thousand hills of almost uniformed shape were scattered in almost 50kms of Carmen and Sagbayan towns.

Chocolate Hills turns green during rainy season  and would turn brown during summer -- well, the grass has it -- that's how its name came from. 
Majestic view of Sagbayan Peak, Sagbayan proper 
Appreciate nature even more with colorful butterflies at Sagbayan Peak Butterfly Dome
Let your inner child wake up by enjoying Sagbayan Peak's Kidstown 

Second Stop: Bilar Man-Made Forest, Bilar 

Man-made forest found along the two-kilometer stretch in the border of Bilar and Loboc. Tourist can have a quick stop-over at a designated area and take some pictures. 

Third Stop: Loboc Floating Resto and Museum

River Cruise (floating restaurants) in Loboc River : while having a buffet dining onboard, guests will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Loboc River serenaded by a local band. 
Fun activities at Loboc

Part of the old Loboc church converted to a museum. Tourists could make a quick visit to this place since the church is adjacent to the Loboc River Cruise area.

Fourth Stop: Phyton Sanctuary, Alburquerque

See Bohol's biggest python snake in captivity named Prony. This 23ft long snake has been featured by local TV stations since one can ACTUALLY touch the snake. Tourist can go inside the huge cage and have themselves taken with cameras. No, never in my wildest urge to get too close with this kind of snake. The sanctuary also features some birds and other snakes. 

Fifth Stop: Baclayon Church and Museum, Baclayon 

One of the oldest church in the Philippines, Immaculada Concepcion Church which started on 1717. The museum showcases rare and old church artifacts and Baclayon history. (photo credit from by good friend Boatonshore)

Sixth Stop: Sandugo Bloodcompact Site, Tagbilaran City

Sandugo, a blood compact between spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and a local chieftan Datu Sikatuna. A treaty of friendship on 1565 which they literally slit thier wrists, poured their blood together on a cup and drank. Sandugo festival is celebrated every July. (photo credit, again, from my good friend, Boatonshore).

Seventh Stop:  Beaches at Dauis and  Panglao Island

Soul-searching? Try Bohol Bee Farm at Dauis Bohol. See my previous post on Panglao Beaches at Paraside called Panglao Island.
White sand and clean beach at Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao Island. Best enjoyed with various water sports. See my previous post on Panglao Beaches at Paradise called Panglao Island. 
Happy Hours at Alona Kew White Beach Resort. See my previous post on Panglao Beaches at Paradise called Panglao Island. 

This basic tour covered only a small part of the island. There are lots of beautiful places, food trips, city life and other fun activities to be explored. Boholano people, like most of the Filipinos are known to be hospitable and friendly;living a simple life and knows how to appreciate little things.  

So for your future vacation, I highly recommend Bohol Island and believe me, you will never, ever forget the joy it brings. ^^


  1. ive been many parts of bohol but i havent tried all the adventures, maybe in my future trips in bohol i will try the danao adventures and panglao beaches. sana kasama ka na that time (kikay accent)... :)

  2. Anytime Keeh Jhay! I'm going to make time for you (naks). I'm going to make sure you'll going to make it memorable as always!

  3. I'm booked for Bohol next month!! thanks a lot..this is a big help!