Sunday, November 17, 2013

Paradise Island Beach Resort, Samal Island

And so I was in Davao City again for three days.  

I just realized that I have  been to Davao three times this year --- friend's wedding on January; planned vacation in July which ended on taking care of Mark at a hospital;  this October, Mark's post-birthday treat for me. Davao has been my favorite place to stay, mainly because of the people, climate, food, places to roam around, good and systematic way of governance and of course, wonderful beaches. Mark decided that the family must go to Samal Island that day. 

We came here on a very, very hot day. But who cares? We are bound to have fun here. 

Boats were already stationed at Sasa Wharf which will take you to the resort in roughly 10 to 15 minutes 
Island Garden City of Samal is such a beautiful place to enjoy life to the fullest.  Paradise Island seemed to have a complete list of activities and amenities for the family to enjoy. 
A lot of food varieties are also served at the resort 
Various water fun activities can be enjoyed at the resort like kayaking, jet-skiing, snorkeling and others. 

With this resort, no one will ever be bored.
Life is always beautiful

I enjoyed my Samal trip again. Seeing those blue waters was just relaxing. It may be hot but once your body touches water, everything freshens up. Kids were having fun with the water. Thirdy played whole day long and ended up exhausted when we packed up. 

For those who wants to check out their webpage, you can visit them at  

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