Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best Bible Lovestory

 Movie Review : One Night With the King

Okay, so this is so far the best love story I've ever seen. Hopeless romantic, yes I am, I have been drawn to love stories in books, movies and stories of people around me. I too have my own love stories but this movie has something that drawn me to it; maybe the casts, the settings, fine clothing, cinematography -- oh, yes, her bravery and enthusiasm. 

I have seen this movie for a couple of times but like the dog-movie, Hachiko (one of my favorite movie too), it still gives me chills and a lump on my throat every time I hear her say, "This is my most valuable possession in the world. It is my past, my present and my future. And all of it is yours." Awww! 

And so I found something on youtube and thought why not share and write something about it here. I've heard Esther's story in the Old Testament before but really paid not much attention to it until I saw this movie. I've learned once again that love is not about what you could have in return but what you could give for love. Love is not just all about romances and all those sweet-nothings everyone experienced but true love means  willing to give his/her own life for someone, in this case, the whole race to be saved. Hadassah which became Esther was such a fine, young lady.  No one knows about her past but in the bible she was known be an orphaned and taken cared of by his old Uncle. Oh, such a long story but I suggest you to watch this movie.  You may click the link below for a trailer. 

( Youtube credits : JaimeR90 thank you for this buddy! )