Thursday, June 16, 2011


I love Japan. Its people, culture, things, way of life, places,everything in it. 
I have been working with Japanese people and the experience made me more interested to visit the place. 
These are one of the things I love about Japan.  

Finally, a Sakura in my hand. This is a gift from a friend visiting Japan as a tourist.

Katakana and Hiragana writing from Inohara-san, one of the Japanese engineers I've worked with

Ito-san knows I am an otaku, so he gave me this cellphone holder from Dragonball Z.

Sushi, sashimi anyone?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

aaaaahhhhh sunrise and sunset ....

I love sunrise. I love sunset too.
Calming, romantic, makes you appreciate nature at its best...
Below are raw pictures,unedited from a point and shoot camera.

Oceanjet sunrise (6am trip)

Alburquerque beach while strolling with my brothers. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Try, I Give Up

I got questions in my mind
I need answers, I need facts
What's real and what's not
I've got so much to say
Yet I wonder why
They're not coming out
I've got doubts
Yet I wonder why
He's so clear to me
I know I've caused you
much trouble
much pain
and anger
and tears
and life full of love
Yet I wonder why
It didn't mattered at all
You got me restless
You got me weak
You got me into thinking
Of how I would like this
To end
So I try, I give up.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Realities of Pain : Why hurting is not that bad after all

People are born to get hurt. People are prone to get hurt. You hurt other people and people would hurt you back. You may cry or yell back or break all the plates and glasses in your kitchen, but once you're hurt, it leaves a scratch in your heart that may never heal.

There are a  lot of pain varieties a human could possibly have; pain that may be healed temporarily by putting anything to the injured part. Anything temporary. But life has a part where any "temporaries" cannot possibly take the pain away. Those which were planted in hurt, later bloomed to anger, blossomed to rage and ends in wrath.