Friday, February 5, 2016

Be prepared to be blessed

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I woke up with a heavy heart and sleep-deprived from the constant peeing between midnight and 4AM. I asked the Lord to give me strength today and clear my thoughts from negativity, as always.
Being pregnant is beautiful but mine is different. Life has directed me to this side of the journey. Something that is destined for me. Something difficult, something out of the ordinary.
Even though my pregnancy is different from other moms, I still trust the process for I know this journey is for me. It may not the way I expected it to be but I know in the end I will understand why these are all happening. Today, I learned a few things about my unique journey after seeing a lot of newborn photos on my Instagram feed. The emotions brought about by pregnancy, personal struggles and being alone in the process thought me that nothing in this world is permanent. It changed me. It is consuming me. It made me different. It made me stronger than I could  have imagined.