Thursday, July 28, 2016

Inked : Ocean Made Me Do It

I was able to cross-out a bucketlist today : getting a tattoo.  


Part of my life goals listed in Things To Do Before I  Die, getting a tattoo is one of them. I never thought that I'm gonna make it this soon. I gave birth to my firstborn five weeks ago and I thought my tolerance for  pain was quite high. So, in accordance to my previous post My Seven Travel Tattoo Goals, I'm getting two of them done. 

Getting a tattoo is not a simple decision, I will be inked for life (but I can get it removed by laser if I want to, thank you technology!) and the tattoo design must be of something else (valuable to you not just for the sake of getting one).  My three brothers have tattoos; Lenbert with a tattoo on his wrist, Junex at his chest  and our youngest Jorge with the whole left arm (sleeve tattoo) adorned with colorful designs. They were men and damn, I never think I could ever make it without screaming with pain. But I just did --- without the screaming.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Things To Do Before I Die

We all have a list of the things we want to do before we die. Some goals are doable, some are impossible but it's one way of motivating ourselves to do better and, well, it keeps us going. Other people make a list to challenge themselves.  

I was about to do cliff-diving but I wasn't allowed to because someone said "It's not for me,too dangerous". Imagine the frustration I felt.  

On my part, creating this list defines my  clear goals of what I really want (career or personal) in life and achieving each of them  gives me a different level of happiness.  So here it is : 

Friday, May 20, 2016

My Seven Travel Tattoo Goals

Getting a tattoo is a tough decision. It's for life.  Each tattoo design represents who you are, your aspirations in life and represents your past that has a big impact of who you have become.

I never thought of getting a tattoo in my younger years. Maybe because I wasn’t impressed by the idea of having one or stain my skin with inks in a form of art. I have nothing against people with tattoos all over their bodies. My brothers have their own tattoos and I love it, each design is a work of  art.

By the time I got pregnant, it suddenly occurred to me that I must get a tattoo : to honor my son, Ocean.  I wanted to see a representation of him every day, carry a representation of him everywhere I go and maybe perhaps, remember him each time I see my wrist with his name by the time I have dementia in my future years. Since I am into  traveling, if there's one design I'd like to have, these are my top picks (all photos were taken from Google images.) 

Top Pick 1: Ocean, my life

Monday, May 16, 2016

Where To Eat : Kandingan sa SRP

My brother and I had a quick lunch at Kandingan sa SRP in Talisay. I've heard about this place thru blogs and some people who happens to wander in  South Road Properties area. Since my brother and I were hungry at that time and happen to pass by, I decided to try this famous eatery.

The Location

Located along the highway, no wonder this eatery causes traffic at times.   

Situated  at Cansojong, South Cebu Coastal Road, the place can be easily accessed. At 11:30 am the eatery was already jam-packed with people. I was quiet amazed their parking lot was almost full. So what I heard is true, this place is something else. A parking attendant helped us in securing a space to park my brother's car. As soon as I entered the place, a christian song filled the air. Waiters' uniform has bible verses printed on their back, some were young teenagers. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

7 Lessons I've Learned from Watching Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones House Banners. All photos (c) Google Images 

I know I am not alone but I am hooked with Game of Thrones, a TV series aired by HBO. The series is based on George R.R. Martin's book, A Song of Fire and Ice.  Watching your favorite character killed unexpectedly on the show, I can't help but sighed how cruel Mr. Martin is for his characters (remember Prince Oberyn Martell?) I never read the book, I am glad I never did. After watching the last five seasons (6th season is aired starting April 2016), let me list some lessons I've learned from this series. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chasing Tumalog Waterfalls in South Cebu

Beautiful Tumalog Falls (c) skybertus (wander_with_sky) on my Instagram account

South Cebu has a lot of waterfalls to be explored. I happen to experience some of them.  I've always been fascinated  with waterfalls. An awesome phenomenon where nature has molded for a hundreds of years, perhaps a thousand.  When God created the world,  He must have spent a lot of time perfecting waterfalls. I just wish people will take care of it so that the next generation  can live with it. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Into The Mountains of Cebu

I love beaches, there's no denying. I love mountains as well. Mysteriously beautiful. Calm. May be dangerous. Soothing and interesting.  A place where you can appreciate nature at its best.

When it comes to nature-tripping and escaping the fast-paced city life, Cebu has a lot to offer. But let me site a few places you can try in Busay Cebu, enjoying the sunset, fresh air and the solitude it brings. 

Sunsets are stunningly beautiful in Tops, Busay. But getting there from downtown Cebu is such an experience -- and quite expensive if you don't have a car.  The uphill climb was scary and exciting at the same time. But wait til you see the view at the top. 

Breathtaking view : cotton clouds, Mactan Island and the urban jungle 
The place has a wide lawn with cell-like landscaped design which adds a cool vibe.