Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Things To Do Before I Die

We all have a list of the things we want to do before we die. Some goals are doable, some are impossible but it's one way of motivating ourselves to do better and, well, it keeps us going. Other people make a list to challenge themselves.  

I was about to do cliff-diving but I wasn't allowed to because someone said "It's not for me,too dangerous". Imagine the frustration I felt.  

On my part, creating this list defines my  clear goals of what I really want (career or personal) in life and achieving each of them  gives me a different level of happiness.  So here it is : 

  1. Sky diving 
  2. Earn a masteral degree - ongoing, MBM (crossing fingers to graduate)
  3. Wear South Korean costume in South Korea  - November 2013, Seoul, South Korea 
  4. Travel at least 10 countries before I die - 1 country so far 
  5. Cliff diving -  I was close to achieve this at Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor 2015 
  6. Get a tattoo - Ocean's actual fetal heartbeat (tachycardia), a plane and an ocean wave, 2017
  7. Travel solo
  8. Play with snow  - November 2013, Seoul, South Korea  ( I swear, I was like a 4-year old kid that time) 
  9. Learn to surf
  10. Elephant ride in Thailand
  11. Learn basic Nihonggo - 2010 when I was working at a Japanese manufacturing firm 
  12. Publish a newspaper article - Sunstar, July 2015 Article :  "Nine Realizations That Changed My Life" ,  The Philippine Star Fresh Ink, October 1997 Poem :  "Free Time"
  13. Gather cherry blossoms in Japan
  14. Experience a hot air balloon ride, preferably in Turkey
  15. Own a house - May 2016, Astana property 
  16. Own a car
  17. Have a baby - Ocean, June 2016
  18. Swim with whalesharksOslob Whalewatching site , July 2015
  19. Visit at least 50 Philippine provinces - 8 provinces and counting 
  20. Own a business
  21. Gain about  10k followers on Instagram  - roughly 3k+ as of June (2016, loser  😊)
  22. Write a book/e-book 
  23. Be a contributor on a popular online publication - Thought Catalog, Medium. 
  24. Visit Disneyland
  25. Climb at least 10 popular mountains - 2 mountains and counting 
  26. Visit at least 20 waterfalls - 5 waterfalls and counting 
  27. Visit at least 10 sandbars - 1 sandbar and counting 
  28. Capture the biggest aircraft in the world - An-225 Mriya, October 2013 (okay, this experience was pure luck and the universe conspired to help me see her)
  29. Visit Batanes
  30. Be a mentor 
  31.  Be a company's Lead  Auditor - DIKI, 2017
  32.  Be a manager in a company - Quality Manager, 2018

This list will be updated from time to time. As we grow older, our priorities change and so are our goals.  I recommend you to list down your own goals and make ways to achieve them.  You won't want to regret the things you could have done while you're young and able right? 

At least for me, I want to tell my future grandchildren of all the adventures I've been through and how it shaped me as what I have become. I want them to dream more, dream big, without limitations and always find their path to real happiness. 

Find your total freedom and never let anyone stop you from doing what you really want in life. I'm going to leave this question for you, "How does your life look like as it passes you by?" :) 

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