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Dumaguete City : City of the Gentle People

The City of the Gentle People 

When you're visiting Siquijor Island via land-trip,  Dumaguete City is one of your stop-over before getting to your destination.  Known as the city of the gentle people, I have proven this tagline when I visited this beautiful, clean and simple-living city.  

Stayed here for an overnight after a trip from Siquijor, the tricycle drivers that took us from the port were kind enough to wait for us until we could find a decent place to stay since stopping at Dumaguete was unplanned.  We found a good hotel which is a walking distance from the boulevard, Robinson's Mall and the of course, Sans Rival shop.  

Arriving at around 3:00pm, we decided to roam around the downtown on foot. Exhausted from the trip from Siquijor, I was just in the mood for food-trip, a quick glance at the boulevard and  some groceries for the next day's trip back to Cebu.  

The Rizal Boulevard 

The promenade along the Rizal Boulevard is famous for both locals and tourists. It offers a relaxing view  of the sea and the view of the nearby islands of Cebu and Siquijor. Locals spend their time jogging, walking dogs or simply passes time enjoying the sea breeze it brings.   

Silliman University 

A walking distance from the boulevard and the port, Silliman University, founded in 1910 stood as sturdy as it was built long time ago. According to history, Silliman University started as a school for boys that was funded by a businessman and philanthropist Dr. Horace Brinsmade Silliman.  The school later became a college and after the Second World War, filipino officials began running the school. I have known a few friends who studied here and I thought being in this place was a bit relaxed since for me,  Dumaguete is not a fast-paced placed like Cebu and Manila. 

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries 

Now this is the exciting part : trying the actual Sans Rival shop. When it comes  to Dumaguete City, Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries is known as the top pasalubong shop when  traveling to Dummaguete. If you're into sweets, this place is good for you.  The shop is a walking distance from the boulevard. The shop was a small, simple, air-conditioned shop and alfresco station. 

Ambiance is superb, friendly staff and delicious food 

The shop 

The shop has two sections; the right side offers the cakes, coffee and drinks and lunch specials while the other side for the pastries and the pasalubong items like the yummy Silvanas.  

 The famous pasalubong item, Silvanas 
What surprises me the most is that the food prices was inexpensive. We ordered Spaghetti ala Puttanesca for only P150pesos for the two plates in which in Cebu I could have it at least P230 per serving.  I wish I could just live here. Their mouth-watering cakes could be  tasted for at least P27 per slice. Double patty cheeseburger is only as low as P90, ang the list goes on.  I must say, this place is a must-visit!  

Dumaguete Cathedral (St. Catherine of Alexandria) 

Within the city proper,  the Dumaguete Cathedral is considered one of the oldest stone church in Negros which was originally built in 1754.  The facade was nicely built with a touch of modern design when it was reconstructed in 1936.   

Inside the St. Catherine of Alexandria Church 

The altar was beautifully lit. I must admit that it was way different from San Isidro Labrador Church and St. Rita of Cascia   in Siquijor where I previously explored. This was a bit modern with chandeliers and well-lighted space where the old churches in Siquijor only rely on natural ambient light. 

Dumaguete Belfry 

Belfry of Dumaguete 
A few steps from the Dumaguete Cathedral stood the mighty Dumaguete Belfry which was "built upon one of the four original massive watchtowers that Parish Priest Don Jose Manuel Fernandez de Septien built on 1760s to discourage Moros from ransacking the town. The two layers are now known as the Bell Tower or the Campanario were added during the administration of Fray Juan Felixx dela Encarnacion in 1867"  as the stone sign says. 

I'm fascinated with anything old and belfry and church doors are some of my obsessions 
Seeing this old stone belfry  transported my mind during the 1770s, filipino natives must have sacrificed a lot to build this thing and its amazing that the people of Dumaguete put a lot of effort to preserve this cultural heritage. 

I must admit I wanted to explore more of Dumaguete and its nearby tourist attractions like the Balinsasayaw Twin Lakes and the famous Apo Island. But I will try to squeeze those itineraries in the future. 

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