Thursday, July 28, 2016

Inked : Ocean Made Me Do It

I was able to cross-out a bucketlist today : getting a tattoo.  


Part of my life goals listed in Things To Do Before I  Die, getting a tattoo is one of them. I never thought that I'm gonna make it this soon. I gave birth to my firstborn five weeks ago and I thought my tolerance for  pain was quite high. So, in accordance to my previous post My Seven Travel Tattoo Goals, I'm getting two of them done. 

Getting a tattoo is not a simple decision, I will be inked for life (but I can get it removed by laser if I want to, thank you technology!) and the tattoo design must be of something else (valuable to you not just for the sake of getting one).  My three brothers have tattoos; Lenbert with a tattoo on his wrist, Junex at his chest  and our youngest Jorge with the whole left arm (sleeve tattoo) adorned with colorful designs. They were men and damn, I never think I could ever make it without screaming with pain. But I just did --- without the screaming.