Monday, May 12, 2014

Ocean Suites : Serenity at its best

Solitude, a word that sounds lonely and isolated, shutting yourself off with the rest of the humans. But some people who are pretty occupied with work, stress and anything that consumes them  find ways to revive themselves, anything to get themselves back. Isolate themselves from the world, it is true that solitude matters; for some people, it's the air they breathe. I don't believe unhappy people often isolate themselves; there are some people who find simple happiness alone with nature.

I was home for the weekend. I had to admit that being at home is always a relief for me : no phone calls associated with work that could ruin your day, my mind is free from always thinking of ways to improve managing the operation and the people, no paperwork to work on, no meetings to attend to.  Just pure bliss at home, enjoying my family whom I miss the most and playing with my adorable  baby nephew.

She appeared smaller from the outside but looks can be deceiving, so I've heard.

One fine Sunday afternoon, I decided to isolate myself from people, er, not literally people per se, but I wanted to be with nature for a few hours  -- with a cup of coffee, of course. Ocean Suites was my destination that day. 

Relaxing, isn't it?