Sunday, February 26, 2012

Davao City : Life is Here!

When I visited Davao City, super long time ago (probably about 15 years ago),I haven't fully seen the best of the place since my Aunt and I have been there for like 2 days and about half the time, we were traveling. I remember it was so quiet, with wide roads and only saw few people around. But finally after a few years, I was able to visit the lovely place with someone who practically lives there since birth, who knows Davao best, the one I love - Mark. He would always brag on how beautiful the place is, how disciplined dabawenyos are, low crime rates, growing skyscrapers, bigger malls, culture-rich people and of course, he wants me to meet his family.
For a local tourist like me, it's best to share how wonderful this place is. And as Mark says, LIFE IS HERE! ^^ and I believe him.

Mark brought me to this place called Penong's where his family and I had lunch.  This is his favorite resto and damn! I love the KINILAW! The best  kinilaw (kilawin)  I've ever tried. Different from the usual kinilaw since it has green mango in it (haven't seen kinilaw with green mango before).

 Mark's family and I went to this Philippine Eagle Center where I personally saw the THE BIG BIRD for the first time,situated in Malagos,Calinan Davao City. Though we reached there by car, Mark says anyone could ride a local tricycle from the main highway. Entrance fee is P50 and you could roam around big cages to see the Philippine Eagle, a mini-zoo and a few kite eagles at an arm-reach, a mini museum and enjoy fresher air. 

Lucky we were able to catch one eagle (forgot the name) in his breakfast.

Sorry had to share my amazing/scary/cool encounter with a SNAKE!  Outside the park has few stalls for souvenir items. There were two snakes on display near the fruit stand. Snake-handling is actually free but you could give donations. I tried one, I chose the albino python (less scary and not too mean-looking) and wow it was crazy, snake skin was  a bit cold and shiny and scaly-soft and it creates a tingling sensation once its body moved against yours. Scary at first especially if its face is directly situated near your face (and oh, with its tongue wiggling, I suggest you should put its face away from yours).

People's Park is situated at the city proper. One thing I like about the place is the life-sized sculptors within the park. I enjoyed it -- the ambiance, family-themed, fresher air and it's better appreciated  during the evening.
Jack's Ridge is a nice place to hang-out too. It has a bunch of restos , an ampi-theater, souvenir shops, pool, just nice, delicious food ---- perfect for dates and enjoying with the family. 
  Davao City's airport is so huge just like Manila's. Cleaner airport, friendly staff, tarpaulins with Davao places you'd feel like going -- makes your Davao trip even more memorable. 
Of course every tourist has to try Davao's most famous fruit, DURIAN.  Though I've tried it before it just feels good to eat one exactly at the place where it was made famous for. Durian fruit has a lot of variety (I usually tried the rich yellow one) but the pale yellow too is as good as the other one. 

Davao City is sooo big; being the largest city in Mindanao, I know there are lots of places I need to explore. Hopefully when I come back, I'd be as excited as I was and cover more beautiful places to see. Pretty soon. ^^


  1. ill tour you around for your next visit!!! :D

  2. wow! thanks! always bring your car Keehj ha.