Friday, March 8, 2013

Exploring Olango Island

And so, my VIP-ness was activated last weekend, again, at Olango Island. 

I am Sky, a Libran, an air-element. I love the outdoors, I love flying, zip-lining, water, beach, anything windy and yes, island-hopping. I have been to Olango Island and it's always an exciting experience, to be one with nature. 

Olango Island Group is located near Mactan Island and Cordova. It has six islets which scattered along the these municipalities. These are famous for dive sites, seafood trips and  other water-related activities.  For now, I will be writing about my seafood trip experience.  

This is actually my second time visiting the island. You can rent a boat ranging from P3500 to P5000 depending on the boat capacity. Either you can start your way in Olango Wharf at Mactan or at Portofino Beach Resort. From the port, the boat will be traveling about 30 to 45 minutes to the known stilt restaurants.

A few minutes after leaving the island, the first time you will notice, of course, is how the water looks like : deep, blue-green and patches of whites indicating a clear white sand beneath as you go farther. The scent of the sea that reaches your lungs makes the whole experience fun and exciting. 

Few minutes after, our boatman lowered his usual speed as we approached a Marine Sanctuary. There's also a Bird Sanctuary here but found much farther from where we are heading. A few divers and people who are snorkeling are mostly found at the Marine Sanctuary. We stopped by for a moment and let out a few rice to feed some fishes. It felt so awesome to see lots of colored fishes under you swimming for food. Probably next time, we will come back with diving gears on and be with fishes for a while, I am sure it'll feel like heaven on the sea. 

Fellow-island hoppers'  stop-over area for snorkeling and diving
Floating restaurants lined up on the farthest side of the trip

Water is so amazingly clear here that you can swim anytime,anywhere you want. 

Inside a stilt restaurant. There are some restaurants where some bands are playing music while you eat.
This is where they keep the live fishes. You order anything and they'd fished them out right away. They kept a net full of marine creatures at the center of the stilt restaurant.

They also sell various kinds of drinks but if I were you, better bring your own hard drinks, Sujos here were like P600 per bottle when you can have it at about P100 at groceries.

These are some of the seafood that you can have here -- all soooo good

The cooking takes time depending on your preferred dish, but waiting is not that bad though, you can enjoy the scenery, take pictures, play with the fishes on the nets, play with the clear water, chat with your friends --- oh anything! Our team ordered many things: from sashimi, calamaries, three huge Lapulapu fishes cooked with gravy ( I dunno how they call it), baked scallops, steamed Sa-ang etc. After a couple of beers and everything, our bill went as high as P21,000! It was a shock for for me but anyway, it was cool since I don't have to pay anything *winks*. So, for a conclusion, better order the less complicated dish, order an average sized fish and most importantly, bring your own drinks!

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