Monday, May 16, 2016

Where To Eat : Kandingan sa SRP

My brother and I had a quick lunch at Kandingan sa SRP in Talisay. I've heard about this place thru blogs and some people who happens to wander in  South Road Properties area. Since my brother and I were hungry at that time and happen to pass by, I decided to try this famous eatery.

The Location

Located along the highway, no wonder this eatery causes traffic at times.   

Situated  at Cansojong, South Cebu Coastal Road, the place can be easily accessed. At 11:30 am the eatery was already jam-packed with people. I was quiet amazed their parking lot was almost full. So what I heard is true, this place is something else. A parking attendant helped us in securing a space to park my brother's car. As soon as I entered the place, a christian song filled the air. Waiters' uniform has bible verses printed on their back, some were young teenagers. 

The Environment

Open-space type eatery 
The area was a open-space type. It was a typical eatery. It was really hot, I figured they need to improve the air-circulation system for the customers. It's an open type which means flying insects like flies can freely hover on your table. Maybe they could improve that as well, for sanitary purposes. But servers were polite and accommodating.  

The Food


Kandingan sa SRP from the name itself, their specialty is anything about kanding or goat meat. Their menu is common with a typical eatery like Paklai, Lechon Kawali, Nilarang, Ginataang Otan Bisaya, Bam-i, Chop suey, some fish stew, and of course Caldereta, their specialty. Nothing special about it, just the typical home cooked meal but I can see the customers are happy with it.

The Price

My brother and I ordered 1 servinge each of Caldereta, Paklai, Ginataang Otan Bisaya, Lechon Kawali and Nilarang and paid only about 280php. Not bad though. They even serve on plastic plates. It's a self-service too like getting your own water on plastic cups near the softdrinks area or taking your orders at the main serving area. The place is good to fill your hunger and not meant for fancy dining or so, more  like  a park-eat-and-go type.  Nothing special but it's a popular place among Cebuanos.

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