Monday, May 9, 2016

7 Lessons I've Learned from Watching Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones House Banners. All photos (c) Google Images 

I know I am not alone but I am hooked with Game of Thrones, a TV series aired by HBO. The series is based on George R.R. Martin's book, A Song of Fire and Ice.  Watching your favorite character killed unexpectedly on the show, I can't help but sighed how cruel Mr. Martin is for his characters (remember Prince Oberyn Martell?) I never read the book, I am glad I never did. After watching the last five seasons (6th season is aired starting April 2016), let me list some lessons I've learned from this series. 

1. You can make a difference. 

Daenerys Targaryen, the silver-haired Khalessi of Dothraki started  out in Season 1 as a silent and submissive character.  Her abusive brother marries her to a Dothraki leader and her transformation began. Few seasons later, she became a queen who releases people from slavery, led an empire and took care of three dragons. I fell in love with her character.  Her transformation from an innocent girl to a brave and strong queen made me realized that you can can always make a difference. You start from scratch, learn along the way and fight for your dreams. It only takes passion and strong determination to get  anything you want.  

2. Never underestimate yourself. 

Tyrion Lannister is often ridiculed, felt unloved and unwanted by her father and his siblings. Usually called the Imp (dwarf), his wit and well-organized actions saved him from being killed on the show. Being short does not mean you cannot stand tall as others. His character taught me to be humble when humiliated by others. With our shortcomings, we tend to develop other qualities that will make us unique - smart, well-organized thoughts, be open-minded, develop gentleness, being witty and lovable by being kind to people. 

3. Risk everything and fall in love. 

We all make mistakes and it's okay. Jon Snow, a Stark bastard who took an oath as one of the Night's Watch slept with a ginger-haired Ygritte which is forbidden. Their relationship has taught me that risking everything for love is worth it (well, sort of).  Even if in the end Ygritte died, Jon Snow experienced what it feels like to love and loved even if the situation is not favorable with them. It also taught me that whoever is intended for you will stay. If destiny dictates the two of you together, so be it. 

4. Live today as if it is your last. 

The charming Prince Oberyn Martell makes my heart melt. By the time he died in the hands of The Mountain, it took me by surprise. The series' unexpected deaths of the main characters taught me that I should live today as if it is my last. I'm not saying I'm gonna die tomorrow (which is apparently possible), but think about opportunities you are having, show kindness every day, never delay what you can do today, fulfill your purpose and do not waste your day dwelling in unhappiness. Every day is a blessing. Make use of it. Always be happy with the people you love. Be kind to others. Experience everything at a time. Live the moment. Be a blessing to others. Be blessed.  

5. Nothing beats a mother's love. 

Cersei Lannister's character in the series makes her one of the most hated by fans.  But behind her controlling personality and greed, she only wants the best for her children and willing to sacrifice for them. It taught me that our mother's unconditional love for us makes us who we are today. Our mother only wants the best for us; guides and supports us in whatever we do. Mothers are expert in shielding us from dangers but brave enough to release us to the wild, only when s they thought we are ready to go

6. It taught me how to become a good leader.

Game of Thrones is all about conquering the seven kingdoms. Everyone is fighting over the Iron Throne. The series is simply about the battle of the best. Leaders in each House plays betrayal, false flattery, mind games and other dirty tactics to get to the top. You can be a gentle leader like Daenerys, spoiled brat like Joffrey Baratheon, Jon Snow's follow-your-instinct trait, master manipulator like Petyr Baelish, cruel and sadistic Ramsay Bolton, greedy like Stannis Baratheon, ruthless and controlling Tywin Lannister and so on. As chaotic as it seems, I learned that being not just good but a strong leader plays an important role in the success of the organization. A leader should be concerned with the welfare of his people at the same time tough in dealing with the organization's struggles for success. It takes a lot of planning, organizing strategies and willing to be open-minded for improvements.

7. Do not afraid to travel and experience new things.  

Game of Throne's different location sites are stunningly beautiful. Watching the series made me want to discover the other side of the world like Croatia, Iceland, Spain, Maltam Morocco, Scotland and Ireland. Though some of the locations are heavily adorned with special effects, the show uses actual locations to promote tourism and showcase the beautiful side of these countries. I saw their behind-the-scenes clips and it was beautiful. Someday, I will visit these places and be like one of the characters on the show. 

There you have it, my seven lessons learned from watching the series. Others say, it's brutal, not fit for children (and well, adults too) but if you really look at it closely, there are a lot of things you can learn and adapt something from it in our daily lives.If you haven't seen, well, better watch Season 1 first. Enjoy! 


  1. I love GOT too! Nice post btw.

    1. Hi Hannah! Dugay pa sa April :) Thanks for dropping by. Saw your blog, it was good! followed you on IG by the way :)

  2. your post is Great, btw i havent watched GOT series but your post relates... love it and made me want to watch one... thanks for sharing...

  3. Where do I start with this series? There are so many lessons to learn! I am looking forward to July!

  4. I'm A GoT fan, too! Can't wait for the next season to start. :)

  5. Haven't really watched Game of Thrones yet. I think I have to make time to watch it now. :)

  6. Agree with #7! And I love Daenerys' story too. I don't watch the series but I read the books so I was very cautious reading your blog. :)

  7. Everyone loves GOT. It's just sad that it's already on the final season. But at least it ended with the author still alive.

  8. I may be one of the few who haven't watched GOT but It's good to know that you've learned a lot of things from it 😊

  9. I may be one of the few people who haven't seen the GOT series but it's good to know that you've learned a loy from it. ��