Saturday, April 23, 2016

Into The Mountains of Cebu

I love beaches, there's no denying. I love mountains as well. Mysteriously beautiful. Calm. May be dangerous. Soothing and interesting.  A place where you can appreciate nature at its best.

When it comes to nature-tripping and escaping the fast-paced city life, Cebu has a lot to offer. But let me site a few places you can try in Busay Cebu, enjoying the sunset, fresh air and the solitude it brings. 

Sunsets are stunningly beautiful in Tops, Busay. But getting there from downtown Cebu is such an experience -- and quite expensive if you don't have a car.  The uphill climb was scary and exciting at the same time. But wait til you see the view at the top. 

Breathtaking view : cotton clouds, Mactan Island and the urban jungle 
The place has a wide lawn with cell-like landscaped design which adds a cool vibe.

Wall-partitioned picnic area is designed beautifully. Some Cebuanos are  using this location for wedding photoshoots or pre-nup shoots.
Mountain View Park
Another attraction in Busay is the Mountain View Park.  They offer overnight accommodations, obstacle course which is perfect for team buildings or simply a great way to exercise. They also have a restaurant to dine in while enjoying the view. They also have a swimming pool perfect for family vacations. But for me, I love the scenery and the solitude it brings. The cool air refreshes your mind and soul. 

A view from one of the rooms at Mountain View Park 
This will make you appreciate life even more. 

Temple  of Leah 
Get refreshed here. 

No, I am not in Rome or something. 

A few meters away from Mountain View park lies an edifice made by a businessman, Teodorico Adarna  to honor his wife, Leah.   The 5,000 sq.meter-property, with a 7-storey building which has an art museum, a room with old books, a large staircase adorned with gold-painted angel-like baluster. Of course, at the center of the building lies the large statue of Leah. It  has two large lion structure at the entrance. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Cebu and its coastline.  

Rancho Cancho

If you want to escape the chaotic city-life for a while, you'd want to get recharged at Rancho Cancho, about 1.5 hours away from Cebu City.  I wrote a full article on my previous post. What I love about getting to this place is the road-trip itself : you'll never get bored. 

Breathtaking sunrise at Rancho Cancho 
An infinity pool against the mountains, fresh air and a beautiful sunset.

The map below shows how to get to Tops Cebu.  Mountain View Park and Temple of Leah can be accessed prior to reaching the Tops. Rancho Cancho takes more than an hour road trip but its all worth it. 


  1. We weren't able to visit TOPS when we went to Cebu. Ayun nga kasi mahal daw. Pag naguber kami baka maka 300+ kami haha. But I would really want to visit. Lalo na Temple of Leah. Sobrang cute ng place. Oh well maybe next time. Hi! It's my first time on your blog. :D

    Ey|The PolyHobbyist

    1. Hi Angelica! Thanks for reading :) Mahal nga papuntang Tops but if pwede rin yung rented motorcyles mas cheap :)